The Vision of the Mark of God’s Economy—Ch.24

  1. The Vision of the Mark of God’s Economy
    1. God’s economy is to work Himself into us.
    2. God’s goal is the New Jerusalem; we need a controlling vision for all our work, life, and activity.
    3. The mark of driving a car is the gas cap and the start button; miss these and the car won’t run.
    4. The spot of the mark of God’s economy is the human spirit.
  2. The Mark Accomplished through Four Steps
    1. Incarnation (John 1:1, 14)
    2. Crucifixion (Rom 6:6)
    3. Resurrection (Rom. 1:4)
    4. Ascension (John 20:17)
    5. The Holy Spirit came including all these elements, like the outflow of a liquid composed of many elements.
  3. The Mark Operating in the Human Spirit
    1. The mark is this: the Triune God has come into our spirit to be our life and everything—2 Tim 4:22; Philem. 25
      1. God the Father in us—Eph 4:6
      2. God the Son in us—2 Cor 13:5
      3. God the Spirit in us—Romans 8:11
    2. Our spirit is the center; God wants to spread out to saturate our entire being with Himself.
    3. We experience this by His: operating (Phil 2:13), living (Gal 2:20), regulating (Heb 8:10), and anointing (1 Jn 2:27)
  4. The Mark Building up the Church
    1. “If I have any method it is this: first put on the cross; second, feed on Christ in the spirit day by day; third, nourish others with the Christ who nourished you.”
    2. We need the daily and hourly experiences of Christ; He will become the material for the building up the church.

Spoken August 2, 2014

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