The Principle of Resurrection—Ch. 15

I. A review

A. There are 12 negative items of the old creation: the fallen angelic life, the human race, Satan, his kingdom, sin, sins, the world, death, the flesh, the old man, self, and the entire old creation.

B. The whole creation was affected and needed to be reconciled by Christ’s redemption (Col. 1:20).

I. The all-inclusive death in the eternal Spirit

A. All negative things in the universe were centralized in man.

B. Christ was incarnated, putting man upon Himself, and was crucified in the form of a serpent (John 1:14; 3:14).

C. All 12 items of the old creation were terminated by the all-inclusive death of Christ on the cross.

D. His all-inclusive death was accomplished through the eternal Spirit (Heb. 9:14)–the Spirit of holiness for separation (Rom 1:4); by Him Christ was resurrected.

II. The reality of resurrection is in the eternal Spirit.

A. It is the Spirit of resurrection, who dwells in us; this means that the reality of resurrection and the principle of resurrection dwell in us (Rom. 8:11).

B. The principle of resurrection is the separation effected by this eternal Spirit and is in the eternal Spirit of separation.

C. Christ Himself is this resurrection; forget about time and space; wherever Christ is and whenever Christ is, there is always resurrection (John 11:25).

D. On the day of His resurrection, Christ breathed into His disciples, and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22); this eternal Spirit is the principle and reality of resurrection.

E. This resurrection within us is the Spirit of Jesus; the bountiful, all-inclusive, all-sufficient supply of the Spirit of Jesus is the power of His resurrection (Phil 1:19; 3:10).

F. The more we live and walk in this eternal Spirit, the more we will realize the killing power of the cross and the power of resurrection; we simply need to take it by living faith.

Spoken April 13, 2014


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