The Hidden Christ in Our Spirit—Ch.19


  1. The three parts of the tabernacle—outer court, holy place and Holy of Holies, portray how to enjoy the hidden Christ in our spirit.
  2. In the outer court there are the altar and laver:
    1. The altar is a type of the cross of Christ; on the cross Christ was offered as our sin offering, so He is our Passover—1 Cor. 5:7b.
    2. The laver is a type of the work of the Holy Spirit; after we experience the altar of the cross, immediately the Holy Spirit begins to work, cleansing us within and without—1 Cor. 6:11.
  3. In the holy place there are the table, lampstand and incense altar:
    1. First, we experience the showbread table; the bread is a type of Christ as our food, for He is the Bread of Life, our abundant life supply, like the manna that fell from heaven—John 6:35.
    2. Second, we experience the lampstand, a type of Christ as the light; when we feed on Christ, we can sense His shining within enlightening us—John 8:12; cf. 1:4.
    3. Third, we experience the incense altar, the sweet savor; we are in resurrection with a sweet odor ascending to God—2 Cor. 2:14-15.
  4. In the Holiest of Holies there is the ark with the hidden manna, inner law, and budding rod:
    1. We need to press on again in order to enter into the Holiest of all; the veil, which is the flesh, must be broken before we can enter the Holiest of all—Heb. 10:19-20.
    2. In the Holiest place there is only one thing—the ark, a type of Christ Himself; here we enjoy not only something of Christ, but Christ Himself:
      1. The hidden manna within the golden pot was also hidden within the ark; we need to press deeper into the secret place of the Almighty in order to touch the heavenly Christ Himself
      2. The inner law was a hidden, inner, and deeper light; we need to have Christ as our living law hidden within us, to know Christ inwardly in a deeper way.
      3. The secret budding rod is the resurrected Christ experienced in a hidden deeper way.
  5. We need to press deeper into Christ
    1. We must press on to enter the spirit in order to touch Christ Himself and experience the deeper Christ as the hidden manna, the inner law, and the secret budding rod—Heb. 4:16
    2. In order to run the race in a proper way we must know the deeper things of Christ in the spirit; may we know where we are and pursue toward this goal—1 Cor. 9:24.

Spoken June 8, 2014

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