The Fellowship of Life and the Sense of Life—Ch.17


A. Christ as our life is flowing within us all the time…and this flowing of life is the fellowship of life.

B. The continual flowing of the riches of Christ meets our need of nourishment on the positive side and of cleansing on the negative side.

C. The fellowship of life is the flowing current of the eternal life, which is Christ, who as the Son of God, can be heard and seen, touched and handled, declared and preached – vs. 1-3.


A. The fellowship of life helps us to realize the sense of life by bringing us into the presence of God, where we may enjoy the shining of God as light.

B. The more we experience this shining the more we will realize a keen and tender sense by which we can know God, His will, and His way.

C. The key to life or death is dependent upon our cooperating with the spirit or the flesh by setting our mind, which is neutral to life and death, either on the spirit or the flesh.

1. Sensing the Taste of Death

  a. When our mind is set upon the flesh the result is that we sense death.

  b. This kind of sense proves that we are in the flesh and standing with the flesh.

  c. The sense of death comes from the sense of life.

2. Sensing the Taste of Life and Peace

a. When we sense life and peace there is satisfaction with the Lord and fullness in His presence. We are neither hungry nor thirsty.

b. We also sense that we are in the light and it is shining within us.

c. Inwardly we sense peace with rest, peace with comfort, and peace with ease.

d. Another taste of the sense of life is strength versus weakness.

e. In contrast with an inner feeling of depression we sense that we are not only liberated, but transcendent above all oppression

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Spoken May 3, 2014

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