The Digging of our Inward and Hidden Parts—Ch.10

Numbers 21:16-18— And from there they journeyed to Beer; that is the well where Jehovah said to Moses, Gather the people together, and I will give them water.// Then Israel sang this song: Spring up, O well! Sing to it!// The well, which the leaders sank, Which the nobles of the people dug, With the scepter, with their staffs. And from the wilderness they journeyed to Mattanah;

I. Digging the Conscience

  1. “If we would experience a free, inward flow of the Spirit, our conscience must first be dealt with and purified.”
  2. “The ‘dirt’ can only be dug away by going to the Lord several times each day.”
  3. “We have to go to the Lord in our spirit and be dug in His presence.”

II. Digging the Heart

  1. “We must go to the Lord once again and dig away all the things other than Christ in our heart.”
  2. “We do not know how ‘sticky’ our heart is.”
  3. “To dig away the dirt from the conscience is easy, but to dig away the dirt from the heart is not so easy.” – Matt. 5:8

III. Digging the Mind

  1. “…[Satan blinds our minds] by the imaginations.”
  2. “The heaps of dirt are simply the many thoughts, imaginations, and dreams, which must be dug away before the living water can freely flow.”

IV. Digging the Will

  1. “Many experiences and circumstances under His sovereignty simply expose us to the light that we may know how stubborn our will is.”
  2. “The flowing is the Lord’s business. The digging is our business. We have to dig ourselves.”

V. Digging the Emotion

  1. “When we are emotional, we are occupied with ourselves.”
  2. “We are under the control and bondage of our emotions.”

VI. Conclusion

  1. “Only seek the Lord’s presence, and ask Him to bring you into His light.”
  2. “The more you dig away the dirt, the more you will be alive.”
  3. “When the living water flows freely within you, then there is victory. All the problems will be solved spontaneously and even unconsciously.”
  4. “This flowing of the living water is entirely dependent upon your digging.”
  5. “This digging is only accomplished by prayer.”
    1. “We have to spend more and more time with the Lord”
    2. “…pray according to His inner leading.”
    3. “The digging prayer is more prevailing in privacy.”
    4. “It is extremely necessary to spend more private time with the Lord.”

Spoken February 9, 2014


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