The Cross and the Soul Life—Ch.13

I. The Triune God spreading within man 

      A.  God’s first step in His economy is to take His residence in our spirit as a base to be His abode through dispensing, regenerating our spirit.

B.  His second step is to spread Himself into our soul to renew all the parts of our soul to transform our soul. This process requires our full cooperation with Him.

C.  As the third and final step of His spreading within us, the Lord will permeate our body, transfiguring it at His second coming.

II. The two parties fighting for the soul

A.  Although Satan, the enemy, has taken the flesh as a base from which to fight inwardly toward the spirit, the glorious Lord uses the spirit as a base from which to fight outwardly toward the flesh.

B.  Satan is in the corrupted body, God is in the regenerated spirit, and we are between in the human soul.

Satan working inward; God working outward

Satan working inward; God working outward

C.  We need to listen to the Lord: “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself.”

III. The cross dealing with the soul

       A.  After we have been regenerated, we should not live and walk and do things by our self anymore.

B.  If we are not in the flesh or in the spirit, we are in the soul.

1. Human love – Matthew 10:37-39

a. Human love is something in our soul and it must be dealt with by the cross.

b. After being dealt with by the cross, we will be in the spirit, which means that we will be in the resurrection life.

c.  If we are going to lose our soul by dealing with the natural love, we need to learn how to hate – Luke 14:26-27

2. Love of the world – Luke 9:23-25; 17:32-33

3. Natural life – John 12:24-25

Spoken March 9, 2014


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