The Covering of God’s Building—Ch.22

Exodus 26:1, 7, 14
  1. The Church is Built by Christ as Life
    1. The building of the church cannot be manufactured by man, by imitating a pattern, or by forming an organization.
    2. The building of the church is the spontaneous growth of Christ as our life.
  2. The Church is Covered by Christ as the Expression
    1. The covering is the outward expression

1)    Nothing but the covering could be seen.

2)    “Only Christ must be uplifted; only Christ must be exalted; only Christ must be expressed.”

2. The four layers of the covering

1)    First layer within of fine linen embroidered with cherubim and blue, purple and scarlet threads.

                                               i.     Fine twined linen signifies Christ in his fine yet strong humanity.

ii.     The cherubim signify God’s glory manifested and wrought into His creature

2)    Second layer of goat’s hair.

                                               i.     Matthew 25:31-46 speaks of goats as sinners

ii.     Signifying Christ who was made sin for us

3)    Third layer of rams’ skins dyed red, signifying Christ who died and shed His blood for us.

4)    Fourth layer, the outer covering

                                               i.     Of strong, weather-resistant porpoise skins, unattractive yet withstanding any attack

ii.     Christ is not outwardly comely, but inwardly beautiful.

3. Principle in the church: hide yourself; exalt Christ

4. “Nothing can damage or overcome the real building of the church covered with such a Christ.”

Spoken June 20, 2014

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