The Building of God’s Dwelling Place—Ch. 21

Exodus 27:9-19; 38:9-20; 26:15; Luke 15:22; Gen. 24:47 

I. The Contents of the Tabernacle

A. To experience the eight items within the outer court, the holy place, and the Holiest of all are the real contents of the true building of God, the Church.

1. We must experience what Christ has accomplished by His cross and the cleansing of the Holy Spirit typified by the altar and the laver in the outer court.

2. We must experience Christ as our life, our light, and our resurrection power as typified by the showbread table, the lampstand, and the incense altar in the holy place.

3. We must experience Christ Himself as the hidden manna, the hidden law, and the hidden authority in the Holiest of all.

II. The Separation of the Outer Court

A. For the boundary of God’s building, the standing and supporting strength, the pillars of bronze signify the Christ who was judged by God.

B. As the base of the separation, the bronze sockets also signify the Christ who was judged by God.

C. The hangings of fine twined linen signify Christ as God’s righteousness. He was made righteousness to the church and is lived out of the church to be its boundary and expression.

D. The three elements of the court of the tabernacle, the sockets of bronze, the pillars, and the fine twined linen hangings show that if we submit to God’s divine judgment (bronze), we simultaneously experience the redemption of Christ (silver) which links us to God’s righteousness (linen) as the expression and testimony of God.

III.  The Boards of the Tabernacle

A. We need something divine to be mingled with our nature, that is the mingling of divinity with humanity. As we press on from the outer court, we enter into the holy place and the Holiest of all where we experience the gold – a golden table, a golden lampstand, a golden incense altar, the golden ark, and golden boards.

B. The wood of these standing boards (Exo. 26:15) signifies the human nature and the gold overlaying the boards signifies the divine nature. Humanity has been overlaid with divinity with both natures becoming one!

C. The more the divine nature is worked into us through the mingling of divinity with humanity, we experience Christ as our life, our light, our resurrection savor, even Christ Himself in the deepest way.

Spoken June 13, 2014

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