Prayer Burdens – March 19, 2013

International: Europe

  • University Students Spring Conference in Wales—March 22-25.
  • The raising up of the Lord’s testimony in Lisbon, Portugal and Krakow, Poland.

Local: Southern California High School Conferences

  • Pray that the hearts of all these young saints would be soft, open, and receptive to the word spoken.
  • Pray that the speaking, singing and fellowship would draw them into a deeper relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray that the vision imparted would draw forth from them a fresh consecration to the Lord.

Lake Forest

  • Pray that saints will enter into a life of being filled with the Spirit through calling, praying, reading the Word, thanking, singing, and speaking.
  • Pray that by such a daily living the church here will become a church praying and preaching the gospel to carry out the Lords’ desire to deliver people out of the authority of darkness and transfer them into His kingdom of life and light.

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