Practicing to Be a Revived Person

Psalms 119:147 I anticipated the dawn and cried out; I hoped in Your words.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I. We need to see what it means to be revived and the way to be revived:

A. To be revived is simply to be touched by the Lord anew; whenever the Lord touches us, we are revived.

B. The way to experience revival is to contact Christ by repenting and confessing our sins, failures, and darkness, thereby entering into Him as the resurrection:

  1. We may not have a pure conscience, but the Lord’s blood is ready to cleanse us; if we simply confess our failures, defects, wrongdoings, and shortcomings, the Lord will forgive us and cleanse us—1 John 1:9.
  2. Then immediately we touch Him, and He touches us; this is to be revived, and this kind of revival must be fresh every day.
  3. In our time with the Lord, the main thing is to clear up our conscience, to get rid of our inner condemnation; this is done by making a thorough confession of all of our failures, defects, defeats, wrongdoings, mistakes, even sinfulness to the Lord.

II. The Christian revival occurs in the morning:

  1. We stress that this should be a morning revival based upon God’s natural law—Lam. 3:22-23.
    1. Every twenty-four hours there is a morning to begin a new day; the sun rises anew every morning, and we must rise up every morning.
    2. Therefore it is good to go to bed earlier at night so that we can rise up earlier in the morning.
    3. The period of time that needs to be redeemed the most is six to seven o’clock in the morning; during this hour, every minute is precious; we have to redeem this time.
  2. Every morning when we wake up, the first thing we must do is exercise our spirit; we have to exercise our spirits and to live out Christ in our daily lives—1 Tim. 4:7; 2 Tim. 1:7:
    1. The first step in the exercise of the spirit is to call on the name of the Lord and to pray, which is to speak to the Lord; the calling plus the speaking to the Lord is like a man’s deep breathing—Psa. 119:147a; Rom. 10:12b-13.
    2. The second step in the exercise of the spirit is to pray-read the Lord’s word; this kind of pray-reading will fully mingle the Lord’s word with our spirit—Psa. 119:147b; Eph. 6:17-18.
    3. If we would call on the Lord and pray-read His word every morning, our whole being will be filled with the Lord’s word spontaneously throughout the day.
    4. When we have thoroughly pray-read the Lord’s word in the morning, during the day this word will speak and work within us, and our spirit will spontaneously be strengthened.
  3. When the Holy Spirit washes us within, it brings in renewing (Tit. 3:5); this is the first lesson early in the morning for every Christian:
    1. In the morning when you wake up, do not speak to man first; rather, first speak to God.
    2. Open your mouth to God and say, “O Lord, I love You!” “Lord Jesus, I am coming to You!”
    3. Every morning, do these two things: call on the name of the Lord and pray-read His word.
    4. These two things are the morning exercises for a Christian; if you would exercise yourself in these two things every morning, surely you will be revived.
  4. Our publication called The Holy Word for Morning Revival has been a help to the saints to be revived by the Lord every morning.

Spoken September 18, 2016

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