New Hymn: O Morning Star! [intro]

[To be sung to turn of Hymns #555]

  1. O Morning Star! Arise ere day is broken,
    Shine, Thou, dear Lord—our hope, our light, our way;
    Thou art that noble root and fruit of David,
    Lucent above, guides to a perfect day.
  2. O Morning Star! Ascend before the dawning,
    In twilight radiate—how clear and bright!
    While here we love and wait for They dear coming,
    Silently, Thou illuminate our night.
  3. O Morning Star! Appear to us Thy seekers!
    Midst this black hour, we watch for Thy return.
    Earnestly longing for Thy hidden presence;
    Our fond reward, for Thee we dearly yearn!
  4. O Morning Star! Spring forth from my heart’s center,
    As we attend to Thy prophetic word; <– 2 Peter 1:19
    Glow as a lamp amidst apostate darkness,
    Until the morn arrives in all the earth.
  5. O Morning Star! Arise in secrete stillness,
    Break through the gloom, the darkness of the age;
    Burst forth, Thou Sun of Righteousness, in splendor,
    Come now, our King, turn Thou a glorious page!

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