Dealing with the Soul—Ch.9

I.    Dealing with the mind
A.   If we are occupied and conformed to the things of this age, we can never be transformed by the renewing of our mind – Rom. 12:2 
B.   The more our mind stands with our spirit, the more it will come under the control of our spirit – Rom. 8:6
C.  The renewing of the mind includes the work of the cross with the resurrection – Eph. 4:23
II.   Dealing with the will
A. The understanding in our renewed mind must be backed by an obedient will, ready to obey the Lord – John 7:17
B. The will must be wholly submissive, and not only submissive, but in harmony with the will of God – Phil. 2:13
III.   Dealing with the emotion
A. Nearly all of our troubles are related to the emotion so it must be under the control of the Holy Spirit – Matthew 10:37-39
B. If we do not sense the joy of the Lord in what we are seeking, we must not love it.
C. We must exercise our emotion according to the Lord’s emotion.   When our emotion is not under His emotion, we are wrong and can never have His joy.
D. If our emotion is kept under the rule of the Lord with His pleasure and joy, it will be saturated with the spirit.

Spoken February 2, 2014

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