Prayer Burdens – April 15, 2013

1. International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones—Pray that the word released in the recent ITERO regarding the experience, growth, and ministry of life for the Body will operate in all the churches that there would be the genuine growth in life for the advancement of the Lord’s recovery and the building up of the Body of Christ.

2. European Brothers’ Training to Review the ITERO Messages—April 19-21—Pray that the Lord’s speaking will be received by all the responsible brothers in Europe and that all the churches in Europe will be built up through the experience, growth, and ministry of life.

3. Boston – Pray that the Lord would use the opportunity to spread the gospel in Boston, shaming the enemy in spite of his chaos and destruction. Pray for the affected by the trial.

4. Lake Forest—Pray that the Lord will lead every saint in fellowship for the advancement of the gospel in Lake Forest.