Upcoming Events

Members of the church in Lake Forest will be participating in a number of events during 2020, both within the city of Lake Forest and worldwide. If you are interested in participating, please check with a local coordinator as some events require advance registration. Those who are unable to attend an event in person are encouraged to support the event through prayer. The items below are provided in addition to the regular, weekly church gatherings such as the Lord’s supper, the prayer meeting, and small group gatherings.

  • Oct 21, 1pm, Bibles for America special webinar. Must register to join.
  • Nov 26-29, online, International Thanksgiving Day Conference. On Friday Nov 26, go to http://conf.lsmwebcast.com. The messages will be broadcast promptly in each time zone according to the at these specific times (for the USA):
    • Message 1: Thursday night at 7:00p
    • Message 2: Friday at 10:00am
    • Message 3: Friday night at 7:00pm
    • Message 4: Saturday morning at 10:00am
    • Message 5: Saturday night at 7:00pm
    • Message 6: Lord’s Day morning at 10:00am
  • Dec 21-26online, Semiannual Training. Register with your leading ones.